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Better by Bowhead

Track your daily habits and manage migraines effectively with Better by Bowhead. A personalized approach to understanding your health, Better by Bowhead empowers you to take control of your wellness journey.

Comprehensive Health Tracking: Seamlessly monitor habits like sleep, digestion, and migraines, offering an unparalleled insight into your well-being.

Migraine Insights: Attain detailed migraine patterns, reliefs and triggers etc., that you can conveniently share with your doctor, fostering more informed consultations.

Privacy: Enjoy robust data encryption ensuring you are the owner of your health data.

Buoyant App

Buoyant focuses on your mental well-being. Providing a daily toolkit for self-care, it helps you maintain your mental health and promotes overall well-being.

Empower Your Mind: Discover the simplicity of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with our easy-to-use app. Learn mental health strategies through engaging activities and insightful quizzes.

Personalized Programs: Dive deeper into your mental health journey with tailored and pre-recorded audio sessions enhanced with binaural beats.

Mindful Exercises: Reflect on and track your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors through insightful tasks.

Better Quest

Turn your wellness goals into an engaging health game with Better Quest. Experience the joy of achievement as you unlock milestones on your quest for better health.

Gamified Health Experience: Turn health goals into an engaging quest.

Health Metaverse: Dive into a captivating universe where each healthy habit unlocks new adventures, friends, and places.

Tailored Experience: Set and adapt your own goals, acknowledging the uniqueness of everyone's health journey.

Skin Genius AI

Get personalized skincare recommendations powered by advanced AI. With Skin Genius AI, you'll unlock a skincare regimen tailored specifically to your unique needs.

AI-Driven Personalization: Harness advanced AI to discover skincare products tailored specifically to your unique needs.

Earn as You Review: Scan, rate your skincare products, and be rewarded, adding value to every review you provide.

Community-Powered Insights: Tap into the collective wisdom of a community dedicated to crowdsourcing the optimal skincare plan just for you.

The Bowhead Clinical Trial Navigator

Vault & Insights: Securely store, manage, and gain insights from your health information. Chat with GPT-4 powered AI to discover unique insights about your health.

Secure Storage: Your health data is safe and encrypted.

Large Language Models (LLM): Get personalized insights and answers to your health queries.

Health Analytics: Visualize and understand health patterns over time.

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