Accelerating Medical Research

Elevate your research capabilities with our specialized infrastructure service.

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Combine human and machine intelligence with the Bowhead Clinical Trial Navigator

Pairing researchers and developers for dynamic innovation with the Bowhead Clinical Trial Navigator.

Guarding Against AI Hallucinations: Transparent References

Transparent Sources (references) to
prevent AI hallucinations.

Decision Assistance

Healthcare provider human makes final decision to empower healthcare providers.

Open Source

Open Source (Under MIT license)
removes black box.

The Bowhead Clinical Trial Navigator: Precision in Genomic Analysis

Harness the power of advanced technology for genomic sequencing. The Bowhead Clinical Trial Navigator provides a meticulous interpretation and analysis framework, focusing on accuracy for patient-treatment alignment. Essential for researchers aiming for precision and patients in pursuit of optimal treatment pathways.

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Consent and Sharing

Data consent and sharing, simplified. Our infrastructure ensures compliant data management, giving you the confidence to build applications that respect patient privacy.

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AI-powered Precision Solutions:

The Bowhead Clinical Trial Navigator is at the forefront of precision research software, seamlessly connecting all stakeholders in a real-time AI ecosystem. Our cutting-edge matching software quickly identifies eligible patients by analyzing vast patient records, including unstructured physician notes.

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Custom Development Full Services

At Bowhead Health, we understand the unique challenges and requirements of healthcare research. That's why we offer comprehensive, custom development services. Get the tools, data, and support you need to drive your research forward.

Migraine App

In collaboration with a leading pharmaceutical company, Bowhead Health's data management systems have significantly advanced migraine research. Explore how our infrastructure empowered this groundbreaking study and the impact it's made on the world of healthcare.

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