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At Bowhead Health, we champion your control over health data. Our open-source blockchain components empower data ownership, ensuring you're in charge.

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Winner 2022 “New Comer”
Supplier of the Year Award
Winner 2020 Atopic Dermatitis
Global Challenge
European Institute of Technology
and Innovation Cohort 2021
2019 HLTH Conference
2018 Boston Biotech
Week Winner

Bowhead Clinical Trial Navigator: 
Shaping the Future of Patient Care Together.

Learn about our private beta and join fellow Cancer Care Navigators in leading the effort to optimize patient outcomes through streamlined clinical trial matching.

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Combine human and machine intelligence to drive your innovation forward

As precision medicine evolves, organizations face the challenge of sifting through complex data. The Bowhead Clinical Trial Navigator provides precise solutions that streamline data interpretation and enhance informed decisions.


Enrich your clinical research with our robust data systems using AI. Uncover critical insights with precision research medicine.

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Power your health applications with our advanced API. Utilize our rich healthcare data to streamline your development process.

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Take control of your health data. At Bowhead Health, your privacy is our commitment. Your data, your terms.

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Recent & Upcoming Events


Medtech Conference

October 09th - 11th
Anaheim, CA
Join us at The MedTech Conference 2023, the leading gathering for the global MedTech community where we'll be showcasing our latest AI-driven health solutions.
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Frontiers Health Conference 2023

November 8th - 10th
Rome, Italy & Online
Explore the Frontiers Health Conference for the latest in health innovation, digital solutions, and healthcare transformation. Don't miss Bowhead Health's presentation at the Startup Discovery Sessions!
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Arab Health

Jan 24th - Feb 1st 2024
Dubai, UAE
We're excited to participate in Arab Health 2024 in the Canada Pavilion, a significant platform to explore new collaborations and deepen existing business relationships in the Middle East's largest healthcare exhibition.
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ACCC's 50th Annual Meeting & Cancer Center Business Summit 2024

Feb 28 - Mar 1, 2024
Washington, DC
Join Bowhead Health at the Capital Hilton in Washington DC for the ACCC’s 50th Annual Meeting & Cancer Center Business Summit. Network with oncology leaders and dive into the latest trends in cancer care.
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Build with Bowhead $25,000

Engage in a competitive event inviting developers worldwide to
innovate and create health solutions utilizing Bowhead's
powerful APIs.

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Use cases

Migraine App

Explore how Bowhead Health's advanced data management systems have empowered patients to gain a deeper understanding of their conditions through insightful analytics, in collaboration with a leading pharmaceutical company.
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Atopic Dermatitis App

Bowhead Health introduces a blockchain-based companion app for atopic dermatitis, securely aggregating de-identified data from over 650 German patients, providing real-time insights to Top 10 Pharma.
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Your Data, Your Assets

At Bowhead Health, your data remains under your control. Secure, manage, and benefit from it.

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Advancing the Future of Personalized Healthcare

Our mission is to empower individuals through data-driven healthcare, advance research and innovation, and drive transformative applications. Our vision? Universal access to personalized healthcare

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