Bowhead Health Mission & Vision

In a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, Bowhead Health recognizes the need for innovation grounded in genuine, real-world data. Our mission is clear: to firmly establish health data ownership with individuals and, in doing so, provide researchers with richer, more authentic insights. It's through this commitment that we empower the discovery of tailored, impactful healthcare solutions.

Our focus

is on creating an unrivaled digital health infrastructure, facilitating developers and researchers while prioritizing individual autonomy. We provide developers with access to a powerful data canvas, driving forward the creation of impactful health applications with stringent respect for patient privacy.

Our vision

A world where personalized, data-driven healthcare is not a privilege but a standard. We stand at the forefront of democratizing health data, advancing an era where everyone can access, interpret, and leverage their health information for optimal outcomes.

Bowhead Health

is not simply an enhancer of healthcare; we are its disruptor. We champion a paradigm shift towards a healthcare ecosystem that's collaborative, data-enriched, and, above all, centered on individual ownership. The future of healthcare begins here. With us. With you.

Our team

Meet the Pioneers Behind Bowhead Health

Our dedicated team of health-tech enthusiasts, data scientists, developers, and visionaries are the driving force behind Bowhead Health. Together, we’re redefining what's possible in healthcare by creating robust digital health infrastructure.

Francisco Diaz-Mitoma

CEO & Co-Founder
  • Founder of Titan Gaming with over 14 million users (acquired).
  • Forbes 30 under 30 recipient.
  • Co-founded Bowhead Health in response to a personal medical challenge.
  • Bowhead Health now aids over 100,000 user with its digital health vault.
Tallinn, Estonia

Rhea Mehta, PhD

  • Over a decade at the crossroads of science, digital health, and holistic medicine.
  • PhD in Molecular Toxicology, Bachelor of Science from University of Waterloo, and certified integrative health coach.
  • Has participated in 15+ scientific publications.
Toronto, Canada

Dr. Francisco Diaz-Mitoma, MD, PhD

Co-Founder and Chairman
  • Canadian virologist and former professor of University of Ottawa.
  • Founder Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) Research Institute.
  • Co-founder of Variation Biotechnologies (NASDAQ: VBIV). View publications
Ottawa, Canada

Cesar Diaz

  • Full-stack developer with expertise in React Native and significant experience in blockchain technologies.
  • Steers Bowhead Health's tech direction to remain a leader in healthcare innovation.
  • Merges strategic thinking with hands-on experience, emphasizing team growth and continuous product development.
Guadalajara, Mexico

Paul Henry Huibers

Chief Business Development Officer
  • Accumulated 30+ years in the life sciences
  • Past roles include President of Eli Lilly Korea and Senior Director of Digital Health at Eli Lilly.
  • Leads Bowhead Health's business development strategies.
Algete, Spain

Jonathan Hernandez

Mobile Developer
  • Brings over 8 years of expertise in mobile application development.
  • Coordinates team activities, provides technical documentation, and leads training sessions.
  • Skilled in React Native with a keen interest in blockchain, crypto, and Ethers; continuously delves into emerging mobile and web solutions.
Guadalajara, Mexico

Felipe Garza

Data Scientist
  • Expertise in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and working with Large Language
    Models (LLM).
  • Crafts AI solutions for healthcare using Python.
  • Tackles challenges in NLP using tools including LLM, Python, and Langchain.
Guadalajara, Mexico

Nicolas Osorio

UX/UI Designer
  • Four years of crafting user experiences and interfaces, championing user-centered designs.
  • Develops both web and mobile applications keeping user needs at the forefront.
  • Employs research and Design Thinking methodologies to shape compelling design solutions.
Cali, Colombia

Medical advisory board

Dr. Milan
Dr. Sri
Dr. Heather
Dr. Jeff
Dr. Michael
Dr. Bruce

Join the Healthcare Revolution

Together, we're committed to advancing a healthcare revolution. Join us in our mission to create a world where patients own their health data.

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